• his eyes are amber/orange, but shades of brown are acceptable. his skin tone should stay within the ranges depicted throughout this site. his hair can be anywhere between salt-and-pepper to dark grey to light grey. do NOT depict him as slim. some of the commissions/friend arts shown here are older; the ones with his undershirt are most accurate to his body type. he should be just a bit heavy, paunchy and soft-titted but with arm muscles that make it clear he isn't physically weak. he has a dad bod, or a father bod if you will *rimshot*

  • he's not especially hairy - there's some hair on his chest and forearms and he has a happy trail but otherwise he's pretty average.

  • though his drug of choice is cocaine, he's done heroin long enough and often enough that he can have trackmarks on his arms (worst on his left).

  • the dark circles and/or bags under his eyes are crucial; he's a wreck and needs to look like one.

  • if it's a 'verse where he's a murder priest you can depict him with more scars than just the face/back one; stab wounds, gunshot wounds, animal bites, etc. they're not necessary, though.

  • when he's a priest he prefers cassocks, not clerical shirts, and usually wears white gloves. he only takes them off if he doesn't want to stain them with blood or if he really wants to feel fritz's skin.

  • he's unexpectedly self-conscious about his body so he's reluctant to get naked for sex and may become embarrassed if you comment on his appearance, even if it's positive (he won't believe you). he'll stay in his trousers and undershirt, socks and shoes too if you'll let him. he believes he's unattractive and he's accepted it...but it's also part of why he went from 0 to 100 relationship-wise when fritz showed an interest in him.

art by pompoison

if you like live-action references, lawrence dane in the 1977 film rituals is a great choice.

you can also use dirk bogarde in victim or the night porter (those two films specifically). a cross between bogarde and dane would be fine as well!




  • when wearing civilian clothes, he tends to wear button-downs and slacks in mostly black and white.
    however, in hsau he will dress up like a stereotypical college professor when teaching; outside of school he wears jeans and t-shirts/henleys in l.l. bean colors, as well as a corduroy bomber jacket if it's cold enough.

  • wears gold half-moon reading glasses that he keeps either in a pocket or his bedside table, depending on his needs. he doesn't use them often, though, only when he really cares about what he's reading.

  • his hair is like that because he has a habit of slicking it back right out of the shower then just leaving it alone, and since his hair is a bit wavy there's always a little that dries out of place. he probably gets ten hours of sleep a week, if that, not to mention all the drugs, which is why he looks pretty run-down on a more or less permanent basis.

  • he doesn't have to be circumcised, but i like the idea of it raising the question of when/why he joined the catholic church and became a murder priest.