this is not an exhaustive list of aus, just the highlights!
miki gets into more of the aus here.

  • high school au
  • mundane au. he's a public high school teacher at an east coast school. one of my favorite aus.

  • medieval - father mauricius

  • art by lade

    he's an inquisitor but otherwise your average priest in the middle ages (not a monk). can potentially be bought out by opium and/or a good fuck, depending on the circumstances. he's NOT a sodomite and is willing to eliminate anyone who says he is, but at the same time he's not too difficult to seduce because he's a virgin and gets flustered if the other person has an advantage somehow.

    fritz is a jewish traveling doctor named frederick who takes up in the small village where mauricius is located. obviously the religion is a problem, but frederick is a skilled practitioner and once mauricius accidentally sees him bathing in a lake he can't put the doctor out of his mind. he only saw him from the waist up but dreams about sucking his dick and whips himself every time. it's very sexy. they have a tense, mostly-professional relationship and frederick introduces him to opium as a sleep aid. one day mauricius, turning his self-hatred outwards, reaches a breaking point and tries to kill frederick. this leads to the discovery frederick is immortal...and trans. frederick doms him into sex and the story goes from there uwu

    miki has written a bit for this one that you can read here!

  • cat-style omegaverse

  • rough sketch by me, of a moment very far in the future of this au lol

    this one is basically identical to canon except he has cat ears instead of human ears and a little tail like a bobcat. oh, and both sets of genitals, everyone does in this au. he's an omega who feels like he should've been born an alpha, and it's the dysphoria over this that contributes to him being a giant asshole (instead of the homophobia). it doesn't help that he's easily mistaken for an alpha since he's so tall, which is both a blessing and a curse. he will say transphobic things to people who choose to surgically transition into being a beta (which is the only way to be one in this 'verse) mostly out of envy because he feels like it's too late in his life for him to consider anything like that. and it's not the same as being an alpha, so what's the point? if he discovers you're a beta who transitioned from alpha, oh boy

    fritz is an omega who transitioned to a beta and practices medicine with a specialty in omegas, which is how he joins the secret society this time. the subterfuge here is that he makes a habit out of discreetly forcing cute young omegas into heats so he can personally help them through it (i.e. fuck them). fritz is brought on to replace a specialist on staff who died, and maurice immediately dislikes him because unlike the previous doctor he's disinclined to let the priest ignore his own health needs just to maintain the pretense of being an alpha. they end up hating each other. unfortunately, maurice's name is similar to that of an omega fritz was planning on targeting and he accidentally gives maurice that omega's prescription for heat inducers; maurice can't read the doctor's handwriting and assumes it's stronger heat suppressants, which is what they'd been arguing about that made fritz frazzled enough to mix up the prescriptions. before long fritz has a frantic virgin omega on his hands, just as planned, but not the one he'd wanted.... if you like the concept of old man mpreg this is the au for you.

  • fight club au
  • mundane au. in this one maurice can have a short beard. (example here, yes i know this is hankcon from dbh but...they make a good furibe meal replacement, ok)
    fritz is an emergency room doctor who participates in a fight club because he thinks it'll "teach him how to be a man" and prove his masculinity to others. he's stealth trans and lies about his top surgery scars. one day a new guy joins the club he attends and manages to pin him, and when he's almost groped he taps out in a panic. the new guy is maurice, a closeted priest afraid to touch other men in the way he dreams about and desperate to prove he's a "real" man. he's a rough fighter but develops something of a reputation for lingering in strange ways. he doesn't like getting shirtless because he's self-conscious about his body for a variety of reasons so fritz bullies him and he doesn't hold back trying to beat the shit out of this little twink that has the temerity to call him a fairy. they both subconsciously clock the other as a flavor of queer and it's very deliciously toxic.

    but then they run into each other aboveground once or twice - first at the emergency room, after maurice comes in for a broken nose or another injury along those lines and fritz has no choice but to be his doctor, then at a wedding maurice officiates that fritz has been forced to attend in girl-mode and they recognize each other. in his own way maurice is sympathetic and takes fritz home with him when it starts raining and it's a long way home for the doctor. they talk, they smoke, they drink, they might engage in mutual handjobs (no homo). from there they start living together, simply out of convenience since it so happens that maurice's place isn't far from the hospital, but they still beat each other up at fight club and everything stays unspoken while maurice becomes more and more violent since trying to pretend this is all platonic is killing him. one day a fight goes way too far and he grievously injures fritz before being pulled off, and the ensuing avoidance forces maurice to do something even more drastic.... but things work out in the end uwu fritz is free to be a man with maurice and maurice is free to love a man with fritz. this is one of the sweeter/least-fucked-up aus and it's still pretty fucked lmao

  • midcentury america - goldie

  • picrews - first one is when he's about 14, second is about 18

    another mundane au, set in the 1940s and onwards and borrows a bit from maurice's background in hsau but in the setting of fritz's childhood. they grow up in the same area with approximately a five-year difference between them. i won't use fritz's dead name or pronouns. maurice doesn't like staying at home and spends time playing with pre-transition fritz in a mixed-ages group of local kids, though he's pretty mean and most of the other kids don't like him. little fritz is a stubborn kid and tries to bully him since that isn't what girls do and fritz isn't a girl. maurice was taught not to pick on people smaller than him but thinks that's a stupid rule. at some point he tries to frighten fritz by showing him a dead animal he found but when the little kid finds it interesting that's when maurice starts tolerating him more. fritz loves showing off his pet pigeons, earning him the nickname "taube" (german for pigeon). taube ends up calling maurice "goldie" because of a combination of one time he got dunked at the local pool and of his amber-colored eyes.

    taube develops a crush on goldie and when he comes out goldie realizes that he also feels some kind of attraction; nothing happens until taube comes out to him, right before he leaves st. louis at 18, and late one summer afternoon they ride out to the closest swimming hole on his last day in town and they share a moment of intimacy that stays with them both forever. they write letters until taube is about to start college and goldie invites him to stay in rochester for a short while, at a low point after getting kicked out of the army for homosexuality and wanting an easy conquest to feel better about himself, and when taube shows up he's not the kid goldie remembered but a man....
    goldie doesn't get his scar until he's in his 30s, related to how terrible he is when visiting fritz in jail as a prison chaplain and then fritz's mob connections when he gets out of jail.

  • world war ii - maximilian markus

  • the scar's on the wrong side/not quite right but i did my best with this picrew

    mundane au. a nazi who is disgraced and ends up in the hands of one of the jews he tormented before he was stripped of his rank. basically just a very self-indulgent stalag-porn fantasy along the lines of the night porter lol but man he looks good in those uniforms. i'm sure you can guess by now who fritz is in this au

    ok ok more serious summary: markus was witnessed forcing fritz to suck his dick (he'd apprehended fritz's family trying to flee the country and promised to let them go if he got to abuse fritz but of course he lied) and for a while it was fine since he bribed the officer who caught him, but as soon as that guy was in danger he ratted out markus right away. markus is thrown into the same camp as fritz, where fritz is now a kapo after (wrongly) believing he's the only survivor from his family and copes by trying to have some semblance of control over his situation. even though it's been a couple years since their paths first crossed fritz has not forgotten what markus did to him, and now the tables are turned....