header art by nyo

*slaps him* this man can fit so many fucking problems inside him

  • heavy drug use and smoking
  • internalized homophobia
  • catholic ideology (he's not just a priest for the aesthetic. i do not want anti-semitic thoughts or imagery associated with this character)
  • abusive behavior
  • disordered eating


  • name: maurice (pronounced morris) montgomery. does not like being addressed on a first-name basis. will frequently give a false last name of macbeth instead, or the pseudonym osric mcveigh
  • age: don't be rude (he's Old, ambiguous age for reasons detailed in background but you can treat him as at least 40 physically. do not make him younger than this)
  • height: 199cm/6'5
  • gender: cis male
  • occupation: catholic priest, part of a secret society of fanatics. eventually becomes the head of this society.
  • sexuality: repressed self-hating homosexual
  • personality: quiet and outwardly very polite to the point of being condescending. can be quite charming, but don't let him fool you. this guy is a smug and sleazy piece of shit. very passive-aggressive, though usually slow to anger. ambitious and more than happy to resort to blackmail. old-fashioned when it comes to technology; he'll learn to use the newest tech but if there's an analog alternative he'd rather continue using that. if you manage to get him into a romantic/sexual relationship, he becomes very jealous and territorial. can be described as a walking >:3c emoji. has a special fondness for pastries/sweets but won't admit it, no matter how obvious it may be.